A free trial version of BGBlitz2Go can be downloaded to ensure that the game runs on your specific phone. The free version does however end prematurally approximately every 2nd game on a random decision. By purchasing BGBlitz2Go you will receive a license key to unlock the game installed on your phone.

By paying you are also entitled to free minor upgrades. I.e. if you bought an 1.x version all updates up to 1.99 are free. The license is valid for one phone.

Please enter the registration code when buying BGBlitz2Go, so we can send you the correct license key. (Shareit provides an field in the entry form, in PayPal please use the message).
This registration screen is on your Mobile!

Abbildung des Registrierungsformulars

For making the payment as convenient and safe as possible, two different ways are offered:

  • You may pay by PayPal, a service used by several million people, mostly on eBay. For paying with PayPal click below:

    BGBlitz2go €12.95  

  • You may also use Share-It a major payment service, offering various appropriate payment methods (Creditcard, etc ....). For paying by Share-It online click below on the button.
    Share-It offers not a payment service, but acts as a reseller so VAT is added for EU-residents. If you are a EU-resident, don't like to use PayPal and want to save VAT please contact me for transfer modalities.

    BGBlitz2Go €12.95 (+VAT) Shareit-Logo

After we receive your payment we send you your serial number within 24 hours.